FERS Web-Based Training

Employees need a baseline understanding of how FERS benefits and the Thrift impact their future. LifeSpan’s FERS benefits module provides that.

Over ten years ago, LifeSpan pioneered a web-based FERS Benefits and Thrift Savings Plan course. Since 2006, we periodically update and improve this online training tool. Our menu driven FERS briefing covers all aspects of the FERS retirement system and the Thrift Savings Plan. Many agencies use it as a pre course offering before participants attend a mid-career or pre-retirement seminar. It provides a baseline of understanding of how FERS benefits and the TSP will impact your future. It’s a very cost effective alternative to employees at remote locations as well as a FERS tutorial for workers at any age who want a better understanding of their retirement system.

Three Tiers

  • Social Security
  • Basics Benefit Plan
  • Thrift Savings Plan

Other Situations

  • Military Service
  • Interrupted Service
  • Part-time Service
  • Law Enforcement – Firefighter – Air Traffic Controller
  • Disability

Retirement Strategy

  • Steps to Take for a Comfortable Retirement