Building Employee Self-Reliance

Building self-reliance is at the heart of everything LifeSpan does. It has been our mission since 1980. LifeSpan’s early career, mid-career, and pre-retirement seminars change behavior by giving employees the skill sets they need to more confidently address their future. This disrupts the inertia that traps so many into putting off the planning process. Our seminars have reached almost a million employees with practical, timely, and always strictly educational guidance.

LifeSpan’s web-based training is a cost sensitive alternative for guiding your workforce through a myriad of choices and challenges as they learn about their benefits.

Each of our services and everything we do has been designed to help employee’s plan the years ahead with confidence, and practicality.

LifeSpan and its Philosophy

Building a self-reliant workforce has been our core mission since 1980. Over the years, we feel we’ve learned a few things about how people approach retirement, life planning, and their finances. Many put off planning because the “present” is so challenging. We realize that. We also know that education, without behavioral change, has a very short shelf life, so we designed behavioral nudges and accountability into all of our training.

If you do meaningful work, you’re truly lucky. LifeSpan does meaningful work and does it well. Real life issues requires objectivity, experience, and a more thoughtful approach to planning the years ahead. We are here to provide that help.

Each of these services and everything our firm does has been developed to address planning the years ahead with confidence, practically, and most of all…with self-reliance.

  • On site federal seminars
    • Pre-Retirement
    • Mid-Career
    • Financial Education
  • Personalized one-on-one retirement counseling
  • Web-based self-guided training modules
  • Civilian Personnel Management Workshops
  • Introduction to Supervision Workshops

Rick Garnitz